Different Concrete prices Around the United States

The versatility of concrete has led to an increase in demand. As more construction projects use concrete, preferring it for its durability, strength, and ability to fit into any form, the price has also increased steadily. But this increase is not merely as a result of demand rise; other factors are also responsible. We look at the different factors that could affect prices around the united states.

Based on available data, the average cost of concrete is $113 per cubic yard, rising from $75 in 2008. However, this price is not the same everywhere, and you should check with your local supplier to get the exact amount. When trying to determine the cost of concrete, here are the things that will help you arrive at an accurate cost.

Cost by Size

The size of your project goes a long way in determining the price of concrete. The average cost is between $119 – $148 per yard, $5 – $10 per square foot, and a full truckload between $1169 and $1444. One truckload contains about 10 yards. So you should determine the size before making an order.

Delivery cost

Another major factor that contributes to the rise in concrete cost is the price of delivery. This is because each delivery is premixed, specially made for your job. After being mixed, the delivery has to be done within ninety minutes before the concrete starts hardening. So picking a supplier close to your project is advisable. The concrete delivered can be a short load, a dry concrete mixed on-site or ready mix, which has been mixed at the factory. Most suppliers deliver the concrete and help you mix it on-site for $60 – $110. 

Ready-mix, on the other hand, is delivered at prices that change with distance. With every mile after 20 miles, an extra $9.50 is added to the price. Where it’s a short load instead of full truckload, each cubic yard has $53 attached to its cost. Other factors could also increase the costs such as the day of delivery and how long the truck will wait on standby before pouring.

Cost by Type

Your concrete type also affects cost. There are various types of concrete, depending on your project.

Modern Concrete: this is the regular concrete made of cement, aggregate, and water. It costs between $90 – $100.

Stamped or stained: a modern concrete with mold placed on it after pouring. It costs between $90 – $100.

Shotcrete: concrete usually pumped at high speed. Whether wet or dry. It costs between $90 – $100, but there’s additional pumping cost. 

High strength and performance concrete: a concrete with silica added to improve it. It costs between $100 – $115.

Self-consolidating: this concrete does not need to be mechanically vibrated. It costs between $100 – $115

Limecrete: concrete using lime instead of cement. It is more eco-friendly and cost between $100 – $115

Ultrahigh performance: this concrete contains silica and quartz, added for durability and strength. This concrete is usually so strong it doesn’t need rebar.

Other factors that also determine price include the type of cement used in mixing the concrete, the additives, color, and the thickness usually measured in PSI (pound per square inch).